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Handling Buyer Messages With Your Mailbox

We know how important it is to notice and reply to all those buyer messages. And how badly it may hit you if you miss some or forget to reply – order handling issues may arise, Amazon communication metrics go down etc. That’s why we created a Mailbox for you.

Referral Program

drop2amz now allows you make continuous income with our Referral Program. The major feature of the program is that it is indefinite – your referrals will generate rewards for you as long as they pay for our services. Your reward is calculated by a revenue share model – we pay 10% from our earnings from […]

Configuring limited access to your account

You can set up limited access to your dropkit account for employees depending on the duties they perform. Limited access helps to flexibly share responsibility. For example, for employees who manage different areas, such as product search, inventory management and order management, as well as secure your business by limiting the holistic access of one […]

Account Dashboard

Account Dashboard combines metrics on all your key performance indicators (KPI) This is the first thing you notice when you sign in. Keep an eye on your Dashboard to stay updated of your current progress.

Amazon Traffic Statistics

Amazon Traffic statistics shows you how many potential buyers view your offers on Amazon. Essentially this is retrieved from your Amazon Seller Central / Business Reports section. The statistics is several places in the system – Reports section, Inventory Links list and individual inventory link view.

Linked Inventory List

The Linked Inventory section lists all your inventory links. Inventory link is a link between eBay offers and Amazon listings for some specific product. It’s the essential entity on drop2amz. Your primary task is to search and add numerous inventory links to grow your Amazon traffic and sales.

Orders List

The Orders section lists all your incoming Amazon orders. When a buyer places an order for one of your orders on Amazon, it will appear in this section shortly. Once the new order arrives, you have to fulfill it (back-order linked item on eBay) as soon as possible.

Sales Report

The Sales Report presents you with your sales statistics and performance over time. It is accessible from top navigation bar menu Reports > Sales.

Notifications View

Notifications are used to notify you on some important activity going on with your account. Make sure you always check the red counter next to your name on the top navigation bar if it’s anything greater than 0.

Top Navigation Bar

The top navigation bar contains the Main Menu and the Account Box and allows you reach all important sections and pages in just one click.