Account Dashboard combines metrics on all your key performance indicators (KPI) This is the first thing you notice when you sign in. Keep an eye on your Dashboard to stay updated of your current progress.

The account Dashboard holds the following details:

  1. KPI indicators
    • Inventory Links – total number of your inventory links
    • Orders Awaiting Shipping – number of orders that were back-ordered but not confirmed as shipped yet (click the counter to go to this orders list)
    • Orders Require Attention – number of orders that you should check, e.g. delivery delay, shipping delay, invalid shipping code etc. (click the counter to go to this orders list)
    • Average Shipping Delay – average delay between back-ordering and shipping within last 30 days (keep it under 3 days by eliminating sellers that delay shipping)
    • Average Orders per Day – average number of new orders coming every day within last 30 days
    • Revenue – total revenue you got within last 30 days
    • Net Profit – the total profit you earned within last 30 days (Revenue – Expenses)
    • ROI – measures your efficiency within last 30 days (Expenses / Net Profit)
    • Amazon Clock – represents current Amazon time (PST)
  2. Sales Overview – simple graphical representation of your progress (revenue, expenses, profit, orders) within last 2 weeks
  3. Notifications – an excerpt from your most recent notifications