The Sales Report presents you with your sales statistics and performance over time. It is accessible from top navigation bar menu Reports > Sales.

The report is pretty self-explanatory. Under the graph you can find the detailed table:

  • Period – you can switch reporting period between day, week, month or year using the switch on the top right
  • Orders – number of orders for the period
  • Avg. Order – average order value for the period
  • Revenue – total revenue for the period (Amazon 15% fee already deducted)
  • Expenses – total expenses paid for fulfilling the orders
  • Profit = Revenue – Expenses
  • ROI = Profit / Expenses

The report only accounts fulfilled orders and skips Cancelled and Not Back-Ordered Yet orders

Using the tabs above the graph you can switch between these 2 graphs:

  • Sales Overview – quantitive sales performance visualization
  • ROI – qualitative sales performance visualization: