Managing Inventory

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Black and White Lists in Inventory

One of the main factors for successful work at Amazon with the dropshipping model is high-quality detailed research – primarily for safety. It’s no secret that receiving complaints about infringement of intellectual property rights is one of the main reasons for blocking Amazon seller accounts with the loss of all available funds on the account. […]

Amazon Inventory view

In this article, we will take a closer look at the Amazon Inventory tab. This is actually the most complete display of the Amazon Seller Central > Inventory section in the platform. Periodic analysis of the data in this section will help to control the maintenance of all items by the platform, identify non-added items, […]

Automatic tracking of changes in inventory

Working at Amazon, each seller sooner or later faces the problem of all sorts of changes in the listings. This fact is due to the huge competition, the emergence of more and more new schemes and methods of work on the part of sellers in order to increase sales, and the development of improved methods […]

Anti-dumping policies on Amazon listings

Anti-dumping policy is an essential element of any competitive repricing system. The concept of anti-dumping is a set of measures to prevent the sale of items at artificially lowered prices. In the context of our system, these measures are aimed at preventing rapid and unjustified depreciation of listings.

Inventory settings groups

One of the main advantages of our service is a flexible inventory management structure. On the platform, this flexibility is reached by creating various settings groups that meet your needs for certain criteria for specific groups of items. Setting groups allows you to organize your inventory by vendor, brand, category, profitability, delivery time, and more. […]

Adding Inventory Links

Adding numerous inventory links is your primary task with drop2amz – to cover as many Amazon listings as possible. This is what drives buyers traffic to your store and triggers sales.

Understanding Search Results View

Search Results view appears when you perform a search (when adding an inventory link) Understanding this view and what you do with it is essential for creating high-quality and top-grossing inventory links and, as such – driving your sales.

Understanding Inventory Links

Inventory Link is a link between eBay offers and Amazon listings for some specific product. Once you create an inventory link, the system constantly monitors changes to linked eBay items and Amazon listings so that you always maintain desired profit level and never sell an product that is already out of stock.

Configuring and Editing Inventory Links

Understanding inventory link configuration options is important for setting up correct pricing, availability and fulfillment rules. You can fully configure the inventory link upon creation, as well as anytime afterwards.

Linked Inventory List

The Linked Inventory section lists all your inventory links. Inventory link is a link between eBay offers and Amazon listings for some specific product. It’s the essential entity on drop2amz. Your primary task is to search and add numerous inventory links to grow your Amazon traffic and sales.