You can set up limited access to your drop2amz account, eg. your employees that have to manage certain areas like search, inventory or orders. This is now possible with Limited Access configuration.

To set up limited access for another user you first navigate to Settings > Access Control in your drop2amz account that you want to share access to. To add a user, click Add button on the top right. This brings a Provide Access popup where you enter an email of the user you want to give access to your account.

Note – the user must already have an account on drop2amz. It’s enough just to sign up – no need to configure accounts etc. Instruct your employee to sign up on drop2amz and let you know their email. Once you give them access – they will be able to access your account from their Accounts dropdown.

Once you add a user via the Provide Access popup, it appears on the list:

Right now there are 3 permission areas you can share access to:

  • Search – allows using Search tool and create inventory links – links are put In Review, and you can later accept or reject them from your account
  • Inventory – fully manage your inventory, without disclosing any information on sales and performance
  • Orders – fully manage your orders and communicate with buyers

Each permission may be applied individually – eg. only allow manage orders without access to inventory, or only allow manage inventory without access to orders data, or only allow search without access to inventory or orders etc.

Don’t forget to hit Apply after you make the adjustments!

User Perspective

Once the user receives any permission on your account, their Accounts dropdown on the top right receives another line with your store name and small green lock icon. Clicking this line switches user to your account with limited access just as you configured:

 In this case the user was given access to “Sale Master 2017” store by John Doe with the only permission to search and submit inventory links for review.

Inventory In Review

If you only provide your employee a Search permission, they cannot publish inventory links – all inventory links are submitted for you to review. You can accept or reject the link. To access links in review – choose In Review from filters dropdown on My Inventory: