Account Settings section holds numerous account settings and configuration options. You can reach the Account Settings page from the top navigation bar account dropdown menu > Settings.

Once you open the Settings page, you will see a few configuration sections – let’s review each below.

Profile Settings

This section is pretty self-explanatory. You can change your first / last name, update your location and change password. You can also set your Default Phone number – it will be used when placing a 1-Click Back-Order on eBay if your buyer did not specify their contact phone number. This should be US phone number in (xxx) xxx-xxxx format.

Here you can manage defaults for the new inventory link form. It’s useful to set the default values here and they will then be used on the new inventory link form every time you add a new inventory link.

Please make sure you understand the inventory link configuration options

  • Profit – sets Minimum / Maximum Profit default values for the new inventory link relative to its primary source item price
    • eg. if you set default Minimum Profit to 50% and Maximum Profit to 200%, and primary source item price is $100, the system will pre-set Minimum Profit to $150 and Maximum Profit to $300 for this new inventory link
  • Position – sets Minimum and Maximum Position default values
  • Price Adjustment – sets default Price Adjustment value, relative to its primary source item price (similar to Profit above)
    • Recommended values are 1% – 3%
  • Min Quantity – sets default Min Quantity value
    • Recommended values are 5-7
  • Fulfillment Period – sets default Fulfillment Period value
    • Recommended values are 3-5 days
  • Message to Seller – sets default Message to Seller (used on the Back-Order Item popup when you have 1-Click Back-Order configured)

When you create a drop2amz account, all inventory link defaults already have their default values. However we recommend updating the defaults according to your strategies

Automatic Fulfillment

  • Auto-Fulfillment – if you  enabled 1-Click Back-Order feature and you are brave enough, you can  enable automatic fulfillment of incoming orders. This means when a new order arrives, it will be fulfilled automatically with the current primary source item. This way your interaction is absolutely minimal – just make sure you have enough money on your PayPal and you don’t even need to do anything else – the system will basically trade automatically on your behalf.
  • Accept eBay shipping address suggestions – sometimes when you fill shipping address on eBay, it suggests you edited shipping address, Usually it’s proper full ZIP code or corrected street name etc. You can either accept it or use what the buyer specified. Based on our experience, it’s generally a good idea to accept eBay shipping address suggestion

Order Emails

This section allows you to configure order emails. Order emails let you communicate with the buyer by sending notifications on different phases of the order processing. This is very useful and proven its efficiency for increased buyer satisfaction, shows your professionalism and care and greatly increases positive feedback rate. Please read here on how to configure order emails.