Release Update #3867

New Managing Custom Sources – finally we added a centralized area to manage all your custom sources and items My Inventory > Custom Sources. Before, you only could add a custom item to inventory link with no way to centrally view and manage them. Now, all your custom items were reorganized and grouped into custom sources by […]

drop2amz becomes dropkit. What’s next?

A little bit of pre-history from the founder drop2amz was founded back in 2016 on the growing wave of popularizing dropshipping on Amazon. At that time, a dropshipper’s best bet was using Excel spreadsheets, plugins for monitoring page changes (such as Distill Web Monitor), and plugins for displaying additional information on listings. Usually, the work […]

Release Update #3735

New Inventory tags – now you can apply multiple custom tags to your inventory links. This allows to better organize and manage your inventory. Additionally, you can separate tags for active and archived links allowing you to reorganize and clean up your Archive Ability to delete inventory links from Archive – finally, you can now permanently delete […]

Release Update #3701

New Buyer Feedback monitoring – now you can observe feedback buyers leave for your store. This covers feedback history deeply into the past and gives you a great picture of how your store progressed in terms of buyer satisfaction. To access this data, open Reports > Buyer Feedback Amazon Seller Performance monitoring – you can now monitor your […]

Release Update #3635

New Settings to decrease source price – this option was long-awaited by many users. It allows to lower the nominal source price and thus compete for better positions on Amazon. This is especially important to those users who get a lower actual fulfilment price than the one specified by the seller on eBay (eg. individual or […]

Release Update #3431

New Amazon Categories view for My Inventory – now you can see your Amazon inventory split by categories View Amazon listing category in ASIN info-box popup – when you hover over Amazon listing details in Search results or My Inventory Individual ASIN blacklist – now you can add individual ASINs to your personal blacklist. Such listings will be […]

Release Update #3383

New Export inventory as Amazon Return Attributes Override file – now you can export your inventory in a spacial file format that can be uploaded to Amazon Seller Central to override return settings and prevent Amazon from automatically sending standard return labels to a default return address. Read more on exporting inventory for Amazon Return Attributes Override (RUS) [&hell...

Release Update #3301

New Add, import and track inventory from Walmart – finally you can natively work with Walmart inventory (price / supply / seller tracking) NOTE – we are actively testing and improving this feature now! 2-factor Authentication with Google Authenticator – we recommend protecting your account with 2-factor authentication in Account Settings now to prevent any unauthorized access...

Release Update #3277

New Amazon Returns Overview – you can now see all your past and current Amazon return requests, track return shipping and monitor return status Improvements Improvements to Auto-Purchase / Auto-Prepare performance Improved Automatic Auto-Purchase item selection logic – now selects first source item in the inventory link (by priority) that has been ever used to purchase […]

Release Update #3228

New Inventory Settings Groups – finally you can create settings groups for your inventory (unlike it was before when you could only have global inventory settings) This way, you can configure pricing, shipping and other settings individually for multiple categories, listings, sellers etc. Inventory link can only be assigned to one group. For Basic subscription the […]