Managing Orders

Learn about managing your incoming Amazon orders here

Manually Confirming Order Shipping

Typically (if you fulfilled the order through eBay) your order will be confirmed automatically when the eBay seller confirms your back-order shipping. However, sometimes you need to confirm your back-order shipping manually – for example, when the eBay seller confirmed shipping without shipping tracking code but provided it later in email. Or when you back-ordered outside eBay (on […]

Order Statuses

Order status is shown on the order cart view on the individual order view as well as on the Orders list view. You have to understand different order statuses meanings to manage your orders successfully.

Order Delivery Status

Once the order is confirmed through drop2amz (either automatically or manually), you can observe delivery progress and status. This lets you notice any potential delivery issues before the buyer gets angry.

Order Status Notifications

Based on our experience handling lots of orders daily, it’s hard to keep an eye on all of them. Sometimes you can just miss something important like late shipment, shipping confirmation problem or delivery issues, which leads to buyer disappointment and negative feedbacks.

Orders List

The Orders section lists all your incoming Amazon orders. When a buyer places an order for one of your orders on Amazon, it will appear in this section shortly. Once the new order arrives, you have to fulfill it (back-order linked item on eBay) as soon as possible.

Order Emails

Order emails let you communicate with the buyer buy sending notifications on different phases of the order processing. This is very useful and proven its efficiency for increased buyer satisfaction, shows your professionalism and care and greatly increases positive feedback rate.

Export inventory as Amazon Return Attributes Override file

By default, Amazon now will automatically authorize all return requests from customers by generating a return label to your address. For dropshipping, this entails additional costs – at least the cost of a return label, payment for prep. center, or a complete loss of the cost of purchasing goods. To avoid these costs and be […]