Based on our experience handling lots of orders daily, it’s hard to keep an eye on all of them. Sometimes you can just miss something important like late shipment, shipping confirmation problem or delivery issues, which leads to buyer disappointment and negative feedbacks.

To resolve this issue we developed special per-order notifications that put up the orders with problems to special Orders Require Attention list. Once our system notices any issue with an order, it’s flagged with this particular issue and will count towards Orders Require Attention counter on your account Dashboard and small red counter next to Orders menu item in the top navigation bar – it’s hard to miss this section (hopefully!)

This is how it looks on the order card view – notice the red Notes record:

Clicking OK next to the red note will mark this attention case as reviewed and it will no longer trigger the make order appear in the Orders Require Attention list. Only do this when this issue is not an issue already!

List of possible order issues:

  • Item purchased on eBay, however we could not retrieve the order details yet – may happen after the order is back-ordered using Automatic 1-Click Back-Order feature when the system got purchase confirmation but could not retrieve the back-order details from eBay
  • A general error happened while purchasing item: <error details go here> – an error happened during the automatic back-order process
  • Please confirm shipping manually on Amazon Seller Central – the system failed to confirm the order on Amazon  using the specified tracking details
  • The item is not shipped within the recommended period – the back-ordered item is not shipped within 2 business days
    • Contact your back-ordered item seller to follow-up on shipping ASAP
  • Shipment status is not acceptableorder delivery status remains unacceptable for more than 2 days (pre-transit, error, unknown, failure, cancelled, return to sender)
    • Contact your back-ordered item seller to follow-up on the shipping issue ASAP
  • Shipment did not move for too long – last order delivery status update was more than 3 days ago
    • Sometimes it happens for long-run shipments (eg. East Coast to West Coast) but generally you should be alerted when you see this. You may need to contact the shipping carrier it it’s stuck for even more time
    • It’s a good idea to contact buyer explaining the delivery issue and show your care
  • Shipment tracking data not updated for a while – the system didn’t check tracking for this order for more than 12 hours

Usually these attention cases are cleared and removed automatically when the original issue is resolved, but sometimes you may still need to hit OK to mark them done