Managing Inventory

Learn about searching, creating and managing your inventory here

Floating Buy Box on Amazon listings

While working with the platform, users sometimes encounter a situation when one seller is displayed in the Buy Box in the inventory link, but upon checking the listing on Amazon you can see a completely different offer in Buy Box. Buy Box on Amazon listing is a very subjective concept and is often dynamic. Amazon […]

Inventory export

Working with a large amount of inventory data at the platform, sooner or later it becomes necessary to analyze inventory, sales, transfer to other accounts, add exceptions for returns, etc.

Black and White Lists in Inventory

One of the main factors for successful work at Amazon with the dropshipping model is high-quality detailed research – primarily for safety. It’s no secret that receiving complaints about infringement of intellectual property rights is one of the main reasons for blocking Amazon seller accounts with the loss of all available funds on the account. […]

Amazon Inventory view

In this article, we will take a closer look at the Amazon Inventory tab. This is actually the most complete display of the Amazon Seller Central > Inventory section in the platform. Periodic analysis of the data in this section will help to control the maintenance of all items by the platform, identify non-added items, […]