Adding numerous inventory links is your primary task with drop2amz – to cover as many Amazon listings as possible. This is what drives buyers traffic to your store and triggers sales.

Before you proceed, please make sure you understand what is an inventory link

Creating inventory link starts with searching eBay for some popular product that you want to sell on Amazon. Then you just paste this product URL into the Search tool and it searches for matches on Amazon (as well as other matches on eBay):

  1. Find some popular product from a trusted seller on eBay
  2. Log in to your drop2amz account and navigate to Search
  3. Paste the eBay product URL you found on step 1 into the Item URL field on the Search page and click Start Search button
  4. The search should start now and should take under a minute to complete
  5. Once the search is completed, you are presented with the final Search Results view
    • Read the Understanding Search Results View article to familiarize yourself with this view layout and structure – this is essential for creating high-quality and top-grossing inventory links
  6. Using drag & drop, select eBay items and Amazon listings on the left and right panes respectively (according to recommendations in the article from the step 5)
  7. Click green Continue button on bottom right
  8. On the next page, configure your new inventory link and click Save & Publish

Congratulations! You have just created an inventory link. In a few moments it will be processed and scheduled for adding to Amazon. It should be online in your store in around 10 minutes (depends on Amazon servers load)

You can run multiple searches simultaneously to save time