A little bit of pre-history from the founder

drop2amz was founded back in 2016 on the growing wave of popularizing dropshipping on Amazon. At that time, a dropshipper’s best bet was using Excel spreadsheets, plugins for monitoring page changes (such as Distill Web Monitor), and plugins for displaying additional information on listings. Usually, the work was reduced to the morning procedure of processing orders and subsequent manual checking of all the inventory, updating prices, stock and positions. And this routine was taking a huge amount of time.

At the time, I got lucky to get to a training session with a consulting group actively promoting Amazon dropshipping. They usually advised working with larger items such as gardening goods and furniture – so that all the necessary manual work did not seem so boring. You may agree that selling a product with a buy price of $200 for $400 is quite good earnings from just that one transaction. But still, it was a manual routine, and there was no way you could efficiently manage hundreds of items in your inventory. And this thought did not leave me (the ideologist of total automation) alone. I remember back then I talked to one coach and asked “But you can somehow automate everything, right?”, to which I received a definite answer “It’s impossible!”. But here’s the problem – when someone tells me “it’s impossible!”, I hear “go do it!”

This is how the first version of drop2amz was born, which was able to search for price opportunities (so called “forks”) in parallel on several sites, build inventory links from them and monitor them in real time, update stocks and prices on Amazon, and this way fighting for Buy Box and the best positions. Then auto-purchase was added on top of that – and this finally closed the circuit. The system almost independently “juggled” the money, I only intervened in exceptional situations (such as returns, letters from customers, shipping problems, etc.) It is worth noting that back then I did dropshipping on my own, and in fact, I developed drop2amz specifically for my personal needs. But one day I showed this instrument to a colleague from one private group – and received a lot of positive feedback. This was when I decided that drop2amz should be released to public to help make dropshipping available to everyone. In the coming year, drop2amz was able to lower the barrier to entry into Amazon businesses for a huge number of people. With our automation, it was possible to work with hundreds and thousands of cheap items in the inventory, since the major share of the work was done automatically by the system. Thus, there was no need to risk large amounts purchasing a $200 item and pray that it does not get damaged on delivery, or that it is not returned for “Better price available” etc. Our sellers were able to calmly and profitably sell cheaper goods and make thousands dollars of profits a month, dollar for dollar. I personally know many wonderful stories of our users starting from beginners with just a couple hundred dollars to self-sufficient sellers with tens of thousands of monthly turnover. There is also a good number of high-caliber sellers with hundreds of thousands of sales per month. We are glad and happy that our platform has provided and continues providing so many opportunities and chances to really change your life.

By the end of 2016, drop2amz was launched and had the first couple dozen users. 5 years later, today we have already attracted more than 10,000 users around the world. Believe it or not, we haven’t spent a single cent on advertising or promotion to date. All our users came either through recommendations or by word of mouth. We just try to make a powerful, dynamic, flexible, convenient, constantly evolving product and we enjoy it. The overwhelming majority of our users are motivated sellers with an understanding of the matter, which is very important, since the active support of such users is much more pleasant than people who may have heard about dropshipping from all kinds of “get rich quick” videos with no clue what is that. It also helped us build a professional Support Team ready to gladly help with all kinds of questions and situations in real time.

New times

But time flies, some approaches are replaced by others, new technologies are emerging, companies are changing. Amazon 5 years ago and today are completely different worlds. For more than 5 years now, our product has continued its constant growth and evolution, dictated by changing realities and needs, largely thanks to your contribution and trust. Now more than ever it is important to diversify activities, invest in the development of new directions in business, stay on the verge of information trends and even influence it. And we hear your and share your needs, so our rebranding is a step forward and up to a more versatile independent platform that goes beyond just Amazon dropshipping.

What’s next?

dropkit will gradually evolve into a universal platform allowing flexible dropshipping scenarios to be built simultaneously between different channels from many different sources. dropkitСatalog will be launched, where many suppliers will be able to add hundreds of thousands of their items, which can be searched and linked in Inventory. Further more, we will launch dropkitFulfilment with a number of suppliers so that we ourselves will become a supplier for a growing range of products. This will also resolve the invoices problem (a known headache for any dropshipper) because we will be able to provide real supporting documents on behalf of our new legal entity. DropKit Technologies Inc. dropkitInsurance will allow you to insure against returns and transfer these risks to our side.

This way, our new brand looks and feels more generalized and harmonizes with the goals and vision. We will keep you updated with future updates.

Naturally, as part of the rebranding, our site address will also change from the old drop2amz.com to the new dropkit.com. For almost two weeks now (since our first announcement), both domains have been working in parallel. Between October 9-10 (Saturday-Sunday) we will set up and enable forwarding so that requests addressed to the old domain will be automatically redirected to the new one.

For this update to go barely noticed, we recommend you switching and start use the new domain dropkit.com. All your passwords, two-factor authentication keys, and other settings remain intact. If you have any questions, concerns or difficulties, please do not hesitate to contact our Support Team on the website or by e-mail [email protected].

Thank you and we wish you great sales! 🥂