drop2amz now allows you make continuous income with our Referral Program. The major feature of the program is that it is indefinite – your referrals will generate rewards for you as long as they pay for our services. Your reward is calculated by a revenue share model – we pay 10% from our earnings from your referrals on a monthly basis.

Referral Program Terms and Conditions

  • reward – 10% of our earnings from your referrals
  • duration – indefinite
  • payouts – monthly
  • rewards are added to your balance and at first are used to cover your invoices (if any)
  • positive balance over 50 USD can be withdrawn to Payoneer (contact Support)
  • linked accounts are excluded (same account group; accounts ever fully managed via account permissions etc.)

How to become a member

To become a Referral Program member you first need to become a drop2amz user. Next, find a menu item Referral Program – there you will find your unique referral link, as well as your referral statistics. Users that sign up by you referral link become your referrals, and will soon start generating your referral rewards.