The Orders section lists all your incoming Amazon orders. When a buyer places an order for one of your orders on Amazon, it will appear in this section shortly. Once the new order arrives, you have to fulfill it (back-order linked item on eBay) as soon as possible.

The Orders list consists of a filter row on top and a paginated list of order cards:

Orders are highlighted green, orange and red depending on the order status.

Using the Filters row on top of the orders list you can filter and search your orders:

  • State – filter by order state
    • Not Cancelled – shows all not cancelled orders, no matter what is the order status
    • Unshipped – only shows orders that are not shipped yet
    • Unshipped Manual – only shows unshipped orders that were back-ordered from some source other than eBay
      • The platform only tracks eBay back-orders automatically, so you will have to confirm shipping manually on drop2amz when you receive shipping confirmation from the supplier
    • Shipped – only shows shipped orders
    • Cancelled – only shows cancelled orders
    • Need Attention – only shows orders that have unresolved issues – see Orders Need Attention
  • Search – filters orders by the specified keyword

The system checks for new orders every hour