Order status is shown on the order cart view on the individual order view as well as on the Orders list view. You have to understand different order statuses meanings to manage your orders successfully.

Take a look at the order card view below. For example, this particular order status is Not Back-Ordered:

Let’s review all possible order statuses:

  • Cancelled – the order was cancelled (you can’t and must not fulfill cancelled orders)
  • Not Back-Ordered – the order has just arrived and it wasn’t fulfilled (back-ordered) yet
  • Awaiting Shipping – the order was fulfilled and successfully linked to eBay back-order (the system automatically tracks shipping updates on eBay and will confirm the order as soon as eBay seller ships)
  • Not Shipped Yet – the order was fulfilled manually from other source (not eBay) – you still have to manually confirm shipping when the other seller ships
  • Shipped – the order is shipped and confirmed on Amazon (either automatically or manually)

The Not Back-Ordered and Not Shipped Yet statuses need your attention.

Once the order is confirmed through drop2amz (either automatically or manually), you can observe delivery progress and status.

Order status notifications will help you not to miss some exceptional situations with order processing and delivery