The Linked Inventory section lists all your inventory links. Inventory link is a link between eBay offers and Amazon listings for some specific product. It’s the essential entity on drop2amz. Your primary task is to search and add numerous inventory links to grow your Amazon traffic and sales.

You access the Linked Inventory view from the top navigation bar menu. It consists of filter row and paginated list of inventory link cards:

Using the Filter above the inventory links list you can filter and sort results:

  • State – filter inventory links by state:
    • Active – active links
    • Out of Stock – currently out of stock
    • Unprofitable – currently unprofitable links (in stock on eBay, but removed from Amazon due to low profit)
    • Monopoly – links having monopoly offers (you are the single seller there)
    • Errors – links with errors
    • Archive – archived links
  • Search – filter inventory links by some keyword
  • Sort By – sorts inventory links according to chosen criteria

Inventory Link Card

The inventory link card shows generic most important details for an inventory link (image, title, state, items and pricing, actions etc.)

By default, the inventory link card shows only first row of source and target items, but you can click the small down arrow – and it will expand to show all. The columns on the card item details view are pretty self-explanatory:

  • Buy – source items (eBay items)
  • Sell – target items (Amazon listings)
  • Profit – Amazon offer profit (comparing to the Primary Source Item)
  • ROI – relative profitability of the offer (Profit / Primary Source Item Price)
  • Sales – number of orders for the offer
  • Traffic / BBAmazon traffic and Buy Box presence

On the top right of the inventory link card you can find actions you can do with the inventory link:

  • edit – opens inventory link configuration page
  • archive – moves the inventory link to Archived state, removes all offers from Amazon and stops tracking it. You can’t un-archive an archived inventory link!