Sometimes you may notice a problem with the delay in displaying a refund to an Amazon customer in the system, while you can observe the refund in Seller Central. This really happens sometimes, and the reason for this is in the specifics of processing refunds by Amazon itself and displaying this in the Amazon MWS API – the fact is that the API returns information about a successful refund only after the transaction is finalized on their side, that is, when the transaction appears on the financial statement. Before that, we just get the empty value of the corresponding field from the API.

Unfortunately, we cannot do anything about it, since this is the only way to receive information about the refund on an order, so we just have to wait for this transaction to get included in the statement. This usually happens within several days, but in some cases the refund may not be displayed for weeks or more. If you have such orders, you can mark them accordingly and check periodically.

If you see in Seller Central that “Refund Applied” – you can be sure that for your part you have done everything, and then the transaction is carried out exclusively by Amazon.