• Inventory tags – now you can apply multiple custom tags to your inventory links. This allows to better organize and manage your inventory. Additionally, you can separate tags for active and archived links allowing you to reorganize and clean up your Archive
  • Ability to delete inventory links from Archive – finally, you can now permanently delete inventory links from your Archive! They may still show up for past orders, but at least they will no longer spam your Archive. Soon we will an ability to delete links in batch
  • Autocomplete values for Shipping Method field – added autocomplete values to Shipping Method field when confirming shipping, based on Amazon data for each supported carrier. You can enter your value or pick one provided by Amazon


  • Added option to control whether to confirm shipping automatically if provided tracking is from Amazon (eg. AMZN, AMZL, TBA* etc.)
  • Now when system confirms shipping with blank tracking by your settings, it will use “USPS First Class Mail Envelopes” shipping service – this helped improve Valid Tracking Rate after recent changes on Amazon with VTR policy
  • Added “Inventory Group” column to inventory export (for full compatibility with import)
  • The system will now retrieve and show current shipping template for each offer in My Inventory > Amazon Inventory section
  • Major performance site-wide improvements and to Order Returns in particular
  • Support for more eBay login paths and specifics

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed adding new Amazon account to user group
  • Fixes and improvements to Inventory Report
  • Improvements to UI / UX and numerous minor updates