• Buyer Feedback monitoring – now you can observe feedback buyers leave for your store. This covers feedback history deeply into the past and gives you a great picture of how your store progressed in terms of buyer satisfaction. To access this data, open Reports > Buyer Feedback
  • Amazon Seller Performance monitoring – you can now monitor your Amazon seller performance and respective metrics right in your drop2amz account. This report gives you a great overview of your Amazon account health and highlights areas for improvement and can be accessed at Reports > Seller Performance
  • Listings with Defects – now you can review listings with defects and Suppressed listings in Amazon Inventory section. This helps identify and fix such errors and maximize listing quality
  • Limited order management access configuration – now you can set up a very limited access allowing to manage orders but not showing any financial details, ASINs and other sensitive details (see options in Access Control section)
  • Check tracking before confirmation – now you can check tracking status when entering tracking number in Confirm Shipping form. This allows to make sure the tracking is good


  • IMPORTANT – the system now deletes archived listings and inventory links from Amazon even if you have “Nullify quantity” option turned on. In other words, if you archive a listing or inventory link – it means you want to actually delete it from Amazon. The “Nullify quantity” option only works if the listing is temporary inactive due to out-of-stock etc. (while the link itself is active). This helped a log cleaning up old listings from Seller Central
  • Payoneer is available for payments again!
  • Show Amazon seller registration country in listing card
  • Added refresh icon to Amazon listing card to re-scan Amazon listing in 1 click
  • Allow selecting a single inventory link (useful to copy / move to other group or other batch actions when only a single inventory link is present)
  • Round of security-oriented updates as suggested during Amazon-requested audit by Deloitte
  • Major performance and stability improvements to inventory import process
  • Automatically mute feedback request email if return arrives for that order
  • Round of UI / UX improvements
  • Stability improvements to current Buy Box retrieval for Amazon listings

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed retrieving reviews count for Amazon items with more than 1,000 reviews
  • Fixed inventory link primary source price in some specific cases (when sells the item but does not show the price)
  • And as usual, a number of other ongoing fixes and improvements