• Settings to decrease source price – this option was long-awaited by many users. It allows to lower the nominal source price and thus compete for better positions on Amazon. This is especially important to those users who get a lower actual fulfilment price than the one specified by the seller on eBay (eg. individual or mass discounts, agreements, gift and bonus cards etc.). However, we will have to update our platform pricing policy to accommodate the many new scenarios used by growing number of users to prevent unequal distribution of resources and opportunities (more about that soon)
  • Option to exclude shipping cost for Walmart+ (Walmart Plus) eligible orders – if you have Walmart+, then turning this option ON in Account Settings will exclude shipping price from “sold and shipped by Walmart” listings and will let you compete for better positions on Amazon (updating inventory may take a few hours after switching this option, but you can refresh inventory group to speed this up)
  • eBay proxy username / password authentication. We now support username / password authentication for eBay proxies – so that you can choose from a bigger variety of proxy providers!


  • Major performance improvements site-wide – decreased 24-hour average response time from 1.9s to 850ms
  • Added batch change inventory group for archived inventory links (eg. to delete current group)
  • Added Refresh link to inventory settings group card to quickly refresh inventory links in the group
  • Allow specify inventory group column during inventory import
  • Improved repricing response by implementing a new Amazon live notifications feed MWS via AWS SQS cloud
  • Allow export ranges of inventory links (just select a range of inventory links and click Export in the batch actions list)
  • Allow export archived inventory links. Also, this allows to export archived listings for Amazon Returns Attribute Override
  • Added search in inventory link note (when searching inventory)
  • Added actual ordered SKU to order card
  • Switched to a completely new and more flexible logic of retrieving offer details per Amazon listing
  • Do not show annoying “eBay connection error” message in the top for accounts with known problem (will only show up when new error happens)
  • Added an option for users with account access to unlink from the managed account (before only the account owner could remove user from an account)
  • Added direct order URL meta-variable to use in order email templates
  • Improvements to auto-purchase / auto-prepare performance (20% less time to run)
  • Major performance improvements to Walmart scans

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed inventory update for users enrolled in Remote Fulfilment with FBA program (by Amazon)
  • Fixed problem with manual order confirmation on Amazon at certain time of the day (due to time zone differences)
  • Fixed potential issues with duplicate orders on eBay when using new eBay-PayPal purchase flow
  • And as usual, a number of other ongoing fixes and improvements