• Amazon Categories view for My Inventory – now you can see your Amazon inventory split by categories
  • View Amazon listing category in ASIN info-box popup – when you hover over Amazon listing details in Search results or My Inventory
  • Individual ASIN blacklist – now you can add individual ASINs to your personal blacklist. Such listings will be highlighted red so that you don’t step on the same rake
  • Choose individual eBay account to search for purchased order to link – when you have more than a dozen accounts, it may naturally take some time for the system to scan all your eBay accounts when you link back-order. To minimize this time, we now present a dropdown with all your accounts so that you can pick one where you made the purchase, so that linking will be almost instant. You can still choose to check all if you want
  • Automatic shipping re-confirmation on Amazon – now you can configure the system to re-confirm shipping on Amazon when the seller provides new tracking EVEN if it was already confirmed with a real tracking before (previously we would only re-confirm shipping with blank tracking)
  • Allow linking duplicate source items – you waited much for this! Now you can have the same source item appear in multiple inventory links simultaneously – meaning you can achieve more flexible scenarios


  • If you added a link to order custom note, return note or inventory link – it will now be clickable (rather then copying-pasting that you had to do before)
  • Allow editing fulfillment orders for cancelled orders (if the order was fulfilled prior cancellation)
  • Significantly improved speed starting new search and adding new item to inventory link or search results (for items that are new to the system)
  • Refinements to eBay vacation status checks after latest changes on eBay
  • Auto-purchase and auto-prepare stability improvements
  • Search Inventory Changes by SKU / Item ID / ASIN of any item in the inventory link
  • Numerous improvements to Amazon, eBay and Walmart listing details retrieval

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed order tracking checks for addresses without state
  • Updated USPS tracking API implementation (“Picked Up by Agent” now means “Delivered”)
  • Round of fixes and improvements to DHL tracking
  • Fixed problem with automatic importing eBay items with some specific URLs
  • Fixes to Amazon-to-Amazon inventory import
  • And as usual, a number of other ongoing fixes and improvements