• Inventory Settings Groups – finally you can create settings groups for your inventory (unlike it was before when you could only have global inventory settings) This way, you can configure pricing, shipping and other settings individually for multiple categories, listings, sellers etc. Inventory link can only be assigned to one group. For Basic subscription the number of groups is limited to 3, unlimited for Professional
  • Batch confirm shipping on Amazon – now if needed you can just select all desired orders and confirm shipping with blank tracking in just a few clicks.
  • Smarter and more advanced Amazon refunds logic. Supports refunds for orders with paid shipping. Allow refund more than order principal amount (Other field) Experimental support for Amazon Marketplace Facilitator Tax withholding


  • Support newest PayPal payment interface (eBay checkout finishes directly on PayPal)
  • Added With Problems filter to My Orders and main dropdown menu (with counter) This only lists orders with actual problems (unlike Need Attention that also includes new unfulfilled orders) This helps focus on orders with errors, especially important for sellers with high new orders rate
  • Support weird eBay vacation status (for some sellers there is no vacation status message on listing page, an error happens when trying to start checkout)
  • Max Order Quantity setting now available on individual inventory link level
  • Keep “Return to Sender” shipping status and order problem message, if it ever happened. This ensures you don’t loose this order out of sight when the package keeps normally moving back to the sender (or even is delivered)
  • Added a number of additional filters to My Orders (Unshipped Back-Ordered, Less Than 24 hrs Left, Missed Deadline)
  • Major rework to Amazon order confirmations logic (the system can now handle hundreds of confirmations in a single batch)

  • Improved and optimized Amazon orders synchronization

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed bug editing inventory link with duplicate (disabled) items
  • Fixed bug with sending “Delivered” and “Feedback” emails (in some cases, then may have been sent up to 7 hours prior the scheduled time)