• Max Price Deviation from average for last 3 months – if eBay seller excessively increases the price over this configured threshold % parameter (based on 3 months average), the system will disable such seller until the price returns to an accepted range. This helps you protect your account now when Amazon is more suspicious about unjustified price increases, especially due to situation around COVID-19
  • Max Price Deviation from 1st offer on Amazon – if your minimum price gets higher than this % deviation from 1st position on Amazon, you will temporarily be removed from the listing. This is another way to keep your prices relevant and within meaningful range


  • Added support to one more experimental streamlined PayPal login and purchase interface
  • Major rework and optimization of Amazon and eBay listing updates engine for more reliable and fast inventory processing as well as search
  • View or cancel scheduled blank tracking confirmations on the order card
  • Added filter Shipped with Blank Tracking to My Orders
  • Improvements and optimizations to Amazon orders synchronization
  • Disabled source items are now hidden by default on inventory link form, just like Amazon target items

Bug Fixes

  • Fixes and stability improvements to Auto-Purchase
  • Fixes to Amazon Buy Box status updates
  • Fixed starting batch search by eBay seller
  • Fixed a bug preventing from showing some search results
  • Fixed a bug importing inventory from Excel file with numeric fields