Please welcome a long-awaited update – advanced paid subscription on drop2amz! Currently we offer 2 subscription plans – Basic and Professional.

drop2amz Basic – (mostly) free subscription plan. It includes everything that was available before – this way, if you are our client, you don’t loose anything even if you decide to postpone upgrading to Professional. Basic subscription is free if you connect your active Amazon and eBay accounts. If you would not like to connect the accounts now, but want to use basic search features – you can buy Basic subscription for just $19/mo. All our users with connected accounts are automatically enrolled to this subscription plan for free.

drop2amz Professional – paid subscription plan with additional and constantly extending functionality. This plan removes all limitations and opens access to a whole bunch of new features that our users asked of over the past year most often. We listened to your ideas and suggestions, worked hard, added a little bit of magic – and released our findings. We are constantly working on improving existing features and adding new ones. Professional subscription plan costs $49/mo.

We will keep constantly improving both plans, however most of new features will be released for the Professional plan – so we suggest upgrade now to always get high-end functionality and performance.

Basic and Professional plans comparison

Quick plan comparison is seen below (as of Nov 15, 2018):

Let’s review each item in detail. First, let’s go over the features common for both plans:

  • Max total inventory size to monitor – maximum number of inventory links to monitor. Both plans have no limits on that
  • Work with multiple Amazon and eBay accounts simultaneously – the system supports working with multiple Amazon / eBay accounts at the same time. No limits on that in both plans as well
  • Automated order fulfillment (auto-purchase on eBay) – the system can automatically prepare and purchase orders on eBay in just 1 click, or even fully automated as the orders come from Amazon.
  • Automatic shipping confirmation and tracking monitoring – as soon as the eBay seller ships, the system will retrieve the tracking number within an hour and confirm shipping on Amazon automatically. Afterwards it will keep monitoring the tracking to ensure successful delivery. In case of delivery issues (stuck in pre-transit, does not move for a while, invalid tracking, returns to sender etc.) – the system notifies you so that you can quickly acknowledge and resolve any delivery issues. Currently we support around 70 carriers and plan to add support to 300 mote worldwide soon (especially China)
  • Amazon buyer messages monitoring and management – receive Amazon buyer messages directly into your Mailbox on drop2amz. Automate sending out order status / feedback request emails.
  • Detailed inventory and Amazon traffic statistics – all you need to understand and analyze your inventory traffic statistics on Amazon
  • Seamless inventory import and export – mass inventory links import and export
  • Public and custom brands and sellers blacklists – besides our global dangerous brands blacklist, you can now configure your custom brand blacklists and eBay / Amazon sellers blacklists
  • Limited access for employees (search, inventory, orders) – give your co-workers / employees limited configurable access to your account (search, inventory, orders)
  • Search eBay and Amazon by custom lists – start Batch Search by your custom lists
  • Search eBay and Amazon by category – start Batch Search by eBay / Amazon category
  • Search eBay and Amazon by seller -start Batch Search by eBay / Amazon seller

Limitations and prioritization:

  • Max parallel searches slots – in the Basic plan you can start no more than 3 simultaneous searches. In order to free a slot for a new search you have to archive any current search. In the Professional plan there are no limitations on how many searches you can start.
  • Don’t publish search results after it is archived – in the Basic plan, as soon as you archive a search its results become publicly available – thus, we recommend to work thoroughly on the search results before releasing them to public. In the Professional plan, your search results are kept private even after you archive it
  • Search priority – at first we process Professional plan searches, and Basic plan searches are processed afterwards. Thus, during the peak working hours searches can get a significant delay on the Basic plan
  • Concurrent pricing priority – in the case when there are multiple drop2amz users on a listing – the Professional plan users get a concurrent pricing advantage over the Basic plan users

Next features are available exclusively in the Professional plan:

  • Search eBay and Amazon by keyword – start Batch Search by keyword on eBay / Amazon
  • Search eBay and Amazon by brand -start Batch Search by brand on eBay / Amazon. Finally, you can start individual search by safe brands (eg. Unknown, Unbrand, Generic etc.), as well as any desired brands.
  • Deeper search on eBay and Amazon – Professional search gets 2-3 times deeper than the Basic plan search, thus yielding more search results to analyze
  • Calculate and show Relative BSR (BSR %) – long-awaited feature to show relative BSR – percentage of the listing BSR to the overall number of listings in the category. This lets you easily assess listing popularity – eg. BSR #10,000 in category with 100,000 listings is not the same as BSR #10,000 in category with 1,000,000 listings
  • Work with cross-border items and sellers on eBay – especially important for those who work with sellers from China or other Asian countries. This enables worldwide items in the search results and allows to link and auto-purchase them
  • Deep search Currently Unavailable listings on Amazon – start specialized Batch Search to find monopolies on Amazon (Currently Unavailable listings) This allows finding good listings without any concurrent sellers
  • Deep search Amazon listings without FBA / Prime – start specialized Batch Search to find Amazon listings without FBA / Prime sellers
  • Deep search Amazon listings without Buy Box – start specialized Batch Search to find good-selling Amazon listings without Buy Box. This is especially important for beginners without Buy Box access – so that they can find listings where they can evenly compete with other sellers and generate some orders.
  • Analyze, filter and search Amazon Best Sellers lists – access to Top-10,000 selling listings in any category on Amazon. You can filter monopolies (Currently Unavailable), listings without Buy Box, without FBA / Prime as well as filter brands. With this feature you can easily find top-selling listings that could drive you dozens of orders daily. You can then start Batch Search by all selected listings in just 1 click.

Additionally, check out these upcoming features for the Professional plan:

  • Smart automatic growing of Amazon listing price and profitability – the system will try to temporarily gradually increase your price (for a few cents) to learn concurrent sellers behavior. Often this would allow to collectively grow listing price and thus increase its profitability. This way, you can try revive “dumped” listings.
  • Automatic search new suppliers and listings for current inventory – the system will periodically search for new additional suppliers on eBay so that your inventory link does not get outdated and you always have up-do-date sellers and offers,
  • Global Search Ideas filtering (FBA / Buy Box / Currently Unavailable etc.) – our current Search Ideas section currently lists random 50 inventory links to add. Filtering this list would allow you to greatly order and specify this selection, producing only “interesting” search results to analyze and add (eg. no FBA / Prime / Buy Box etc.)
  • Real-time feed of fresh Currently Unavailable listings and listings with increased prices – last seller abandoned a listing? Primary seller left and this increased listing price? All of these are good ideas to find a supplier and catch up the warm listing to start selling with good profitability
  • Amazon reviews and performance metrics monitoring – most likely, this basic feature will be available in both plans
  • Order fulfillment insurance (drop2amz refunds fulfillment costs) – an ambitious experiment to try. After you make an order on eBay, you would be able to cover your purchase with an additional insurance (additional % paid to us) In this case, if the buyer complains or asks for a return / refund, we will instantly refund the purchase amount to your drop2amz balance. This way you don’t even have to start the return with your supplier and just refund the money to the buyer – to make sure he’s happy, and to keep your metrics in great shape
  • Manage your account via drop2amz API – an ability to manage your account via an API so that you will be able to integrate drop2amz with your other systems (eg. CRM etc.)

We do not plan to stop just on these features and are constantly working on coming up with more ideas!

Terms and payments

Subscription invoices are generated along with primary fees invoices (typically within 10-15 of each month following the billing month) As usual, they can be paid all together via Payoneer, Visa / Mastercard or PayPal.

If you started the plan in the middle of the month, the invoice will only account days since plan started and until the end of the month. For example, if you enrolled in Professional plan on Nov 20, then around 10-15 Dec you will get an invoice for $49 / 30 x 11 = $17.97. Then, if you stayed on that plan whole December, you’ll get an invoice for $49 on around 10-15 January and so on.

You can upgrade anytime. You can downgrade not earlier that 14 days since you enrolled in a higher

If you enroll in a plan without connecting accounts – you will have to prepay in advance until the end of the current month (but not more than 14 days), afterwards the payments go by normal schedule as described above. This is done to prevent scammers from abusing our service and disrupting it for all other honest users.