The Getting Started Checklist is the essential checklist aimed to help you onboard and configure your dropshipping strategy with drop2amz.

The checklist contains numerous steps – from signing up on drop2amz to eventually processing your orders and getting to Amazon Buy Box. It’s recommended for all new users to stick to that checklist, read Knowledge Base articles associated with each step (Read More… link) and complete each step. This will help you start dropshipping with drop2amz as soon as possible!

You will notice the Getting Started Checklist on top of your account Dashboard right after you sign up. On the Dashboard, the checklist shows your progress percentage, as well as steps taken and your next step:

You can click the View Checklist link on the Dashboard and you get to the actual checklist view showing all your taken and next steps:

There is no particular reason to complete these steps in this exact order, however this is our current vision of the most pleasant onboarding flow so we recommend to stick to that order.

The checklist will be visible until you complete all steps. Then it will be hidden as it’s not needed anymore. If you still want to see the Getting Started Checklist after you complete it – use the button below:

Getting Started Checklist