If your store has unlisted items, you can easily import them. Moreover, it is necessary in order to start using the system fully – as soon as you transfer your inventory to the system, it will automatically begin to monitor availability and prices and will actually take over full management of them. It is also convenient if you want to add items found outside the system to the system.

Importing current inventory is a crucial step in getting started. After the import, you really start to feel the result – our users noticed an increase of + 100-150% immediately in the first days after its transfer. And the main thing is that you can stop worrying about monitoring – the system checks your inventory several times per hour, regardless of its quantity.

If you have an Excel spreadsheet with your eBay-Amazon items – you can easily reformat it in the appropriate format. Usually, if you already do dropshipping – you have to have such a file anyway, or if you used another software for working with inventory (for example, SkuGrіd or Grabyy.net) – then you can easily export data from there.

The table for importing inventory into our system should contain only 2 columns:

  • ASIN or link to amazon items
  • eBay Item ID or eBay link

Each line corresponds to a separate inventory link, so it is important that the file is filled correctly – the Amazon item must correspond to the eBay product. Save the table in CSV, XLS or XLSX format. A sample file can be downloaded here.

When you have prepared a table for import – you need to upload it to the system – to do this, open My Inventory – Import from Excel, select your file and click Start Import. Importing can take from several seconds to tens of minutes, depending on the number of products in the file.

Before importing (especially the first) it is recommended to check your default pricing settings. To do this, go to My Inventory  – Default Settings

Import results

After the import is completed, you will see a green message in the Import from Excel section – for example, “The previous inventory import is completed – 392 imported, 19 errors” and the Open Results link. On the results page, first, the inventory link that could not be imported (with a description of the error) are displayed in red, and then the inventory link that were successfully added are displayed in green.

Usually there are such errors with the import of individual inventory link:

  • Amazon item could not be retrieved or item could not be retrieved – the system could not read the items from Amazon or eBay. Either the wrong code / link is specified, or the item is unavailable / deleted
  • Please specify item variation – pops up for items with variations on eBay, for which you did not specify a specific variation (you can specify a variation during import by inserting a link to the item with the selected variation)

Each line with an error has the Add Manually inventory link – this opens the link creation page, where you can manually add a item or select a variation.

By successfully added inventory link – if you see Merged in the Note field, this means that this inventory link was combined with another inventory link with intersecting items (this does not require any action on your part)

IMPORTANT Do not import the listings you created – as they can be deleted by the system during the monitoring process! Add only existing listings to which you are attached.