When a new order comes to your Amazon Seller account, you have to fulfill it as soon as possible. This means you need to back-order a corresponding linked item on eBay. You will often notice these two terms – fulfill and back-order – used interchangeably on drop2amz.

When a new incoming order arrives, it looks like this:

Basically, to fulfill the order you have to:

  1. Back-order the linked item – purchase the item on eBay
  2. Confirm this back-order – link the eBay back-order from step 1 with the original Amazon order on drop2amz

Back-Order Linked Item

When you created the inventory link, you selected source items (eBay items) and target items (Amazon listings) Now that you got a new order for one of the linked Amazon listings, you have to purchase one of the linked eBay items:

  1. Click the green Back-Order Now… link brings up this Back-Order Item popup:
  2. Choose one of the linked source items (take into account profit, available quantity and seller’s rating) and click green Select button:

  3. Now click a button to proceed:
    • 1-Click Order – if you want to automatically back-order the item
    • Manual Order – if you want to do this the old manual way (see below)

If you chose 1-Click Order, the back-order process will complete within a few minutes – you don’t have to do anything else.

Manual Back-Order

If you chose Manual Order – the system will simply open the item page on eBay in a new tab. Now you have to proceed with manual back-order of the item on eBay:

  1. Specify quantity
  2. Click Buy It Now button
  3. Specify buyer name and shipping address
  4. Specify Message to Seller (if needed)
  5. Choose payment method
  6. Click Place Order
  7. Confirm back-order on drop2amz (see below)

Confirming Back-Order

Confirming back-order means linking your eBay back-order you have just placed with the original Amazon order. This way drop2amz platform will be monitoring the eBay back-order – and confirm the original Amazon order as soon as the eBay seller ships it.

You don’t need to confirm back-order if you used Automatic 1-Click Back-Order

To confirm back-order manually, follow this quick guide:

  1. Click the green Confirm Back-Order… link on the order card view – the following popup appears:

    • if you back-ordered the item on eBay – click eBay button
      • the system will check your eBay account and will try to locate the back-order (please be patient – this may take a few minutes)
      • if the the system found the back-order – it will be linked to the original order and your order status will change to Awaiting Shipping:

    • if you back-ordered the item elsewhere (Bonanza, Walmart, Hayneedle etc.) – click Other Source button and fill the popup form:
      • Seller Price – the price you paid for the item in that store
      • Item URL – link to the item URL in that store (optional)
      • Click Confirm button – and the order status changes to Not Shipped Yet
        • Don’t forget to confirm order shipping manually through the Manual Confirm link on the screenshot above when you get shipping confirmation from the seller (the platform can only track eBay back-orders automatically)

When the back-order is confirmed (either automatically or manually), you can cancel and re-confirm it by clicking red Cancel link on the order card as on the screenshot above (if needed) Sometimes it’s useful – for example if you made a mistake or need to re-back-order it from another eBay seller or another source (the first seller failed or is unresponsive etc.)