If your eBay account is getting periodic Ebay connection reset issues, you can set up your own individual proxy for your eBay account. Then Auto-Purchase / Auto-Prepare will be processed through the specified proxy server, which will solve the problem or minimize its effects.

What for is a proxy?

By default, if you do not specify a personal proxy, purchases are made through our network. Currently, eBay purchases are made in Germany. Some accounts involved cases where there were problems associated with suspicions of unauthorized activity, which can be understood. For example, when purchases were usually made from Ukraine (or Russia), and then suddenly began in Germany. If such suspicions arise too often for your account, you should configure a proxy to use instead.

It is important that the proxy is located in the country where you live and usually use eBay!

You can order a proxy from us, buy a proxy yourself, or install and configure it yourself. Let’s consider all three options.

Option 1. Order a proxy from us

If you want to get a proxy as quickly as possible – you can order it from Support. At the moment, there we only provide proxies for Ukraine and Russia. For setting up Auto-Purchasing / Auto-Prepare this service is provided FREE OF CHARGE. You can order no more than 1 proxy for 1 eBay account. When ordering a proxy from us, you will not be able to more accurately select the geography of the location of the proxy, and use it for other purposes. If you need a more flexible option – you can buy a proxy yourself from different online services.

Option 2. Buying proxies online

There is a huge variety of services offering individual proxies in almost any country with a monthly subscription. Typically, the cost of such proxies is no more than 1-3 USD per month, which should not make any problems. Since there are lots of services, we are not requiring any specific ones, they all provide essentially same service – an individual proxy in the selected country.

It is important – for your own safety, we recommend that you allow access to the proxy only to a selected list of IP addresses (so that nobody will use your paid proxy without your consent). In this case, be sure to include the following IP addresses in your “white list” and

Some examples of services selling proxies:

Or just search Google: buy proxy

Option 3. Manual proxy installation

If you have many accounts and / or you use a VPS server (remote desktop), then the safest option is to install the proxy yourself. It does not cost you anything – the auto-purchases will be done through the same IP from which you usually log into your eBay account.

Installing and using a personal proxy is the safest way to use Auto-Purchasing / Auto-Prepare

We recommend using the free CCProxy application – with its help you can set up a proxy server on your VPS desktop. Follow these instructions to install and configure the application:

  1. Download the installation for the CCProxy Windows application from this link.

  2. Run the installation and follow the onscreen instructions.

  3. After installation, open the application (for example, from the desktop) and make the following settings

    • Click the Options icon and set the settings as in the screenshot below:

    • Then click on the Account icon and set the following settings:

    • Check the settings – for example using the service https://www.yougetsignal.com/tools/open-ports/ — enter port 808 and click Check:

If you made the settings above, but the proxy is not accessible (red flag instead of green in the screenshot above) – re-check the settings of the program and the settings of the Windows firewall.

Important – if Windows issues a request popup “Allow CCProxy access to personal / public networks?”, be sure to choose Allow.

After successful configuration, you only need to specify the proxy in the settings of your eBay account – go to the Connected Accounts in the system, click Configure in front of the corresponding eBay account and enter the address of your proxy server. For example, for the screenshot above, the proxy would be

Verify Login

After you specify the proxy in your eBay account settings, a Verify Login button will appear on your eBay account in Connected Accounts. Click it to check your eBay account login through the specified proxy.

If during the verification process, eBay requests confirmation via SMS, the system will notify you and ask you to enter the received SMS message for confirmation. To do this, make sure that you have the current actual mobile phone number in your eBay account settings.

If you have any questions during the setup process, please contact Customer Support.